Evolution of the MRGO

The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (M.R.G.O.) is a popular fishing destination in south Louisiana, known for mixing of salinities and holding fish species across the spectrum from saltwater to freshwater. Here we learn about how the area has evolved over the last several decades and some of the action taken to preserve the ecosystem. Featuring National Wildlife Federation's Dr. Alisha Renfro.

Bay Denesse, October 21

Countless ducks enjoy new habitat built earlier this year courtesy of the Bay Denessee Delta Water Management Project in Plaquemines Parish. Credit: Richie Blink

Join Vanishing Paradise (Promo)

Play this 30sec clip to learn more about our program, and join us to help restore Sportsman's Paradise.

Bay Denesse Restoration Project, SE Louisiana

The Bay Denesse Delta Water Management Project could restore approximately 2,550 acres of less productive open water to a diverse array of highly productive habitat types, including emergent marsh, rooted floating vegetation mats, mud flats and more.

Restoring the Coast: 10 years after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

It’s been ten years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster killed 11 men and leaked more than 134 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The damage incurred to the Gulf and an already imperiled Mississippi River Delta remains an important issue for sportsmen and women. Our team is working as hard as ever to ensure oil spill settlement dollars go towards the strongest projects that will have the biggest impact on coastal ecosystems.

Vanishing Paradise State Legislators Tour 2019

The Louisiana Delegation of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation met with Vanishing Paradise, Audubon Louisiana and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership for a tour of the Mississippi River Delta and to discuss coastal restoration.

2019 Cook-Off for the Coast

True to St. Bernard’s heritage of amazing food and caring people, crowds dug in at the second annual Cook-off for the Coast at the Meraux Foundation’s Docville Farm on February 9, 2019.

Protect the Coast. Protect Their Future.

Vanishing Paradise Short Film

Three Louisiana sportsmen, Warren Coco, Ryan Shaefer and Captain Ryan Lambert, share their vision to restore a vanishing paradise in this short film produced by Latendresse Media Collective.

Success Stories (SportingDog Adventures)

Conservation Corner, Season 4, Ep. 12 - Right now, a few key areas along the coast are doing just that – using sediment to build land.

Conservation Corner with Andy McDaniels is a special feature on SportingDog Adventures that focuses on issues affecting Sportsman's Paradise.

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