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From Camouflage to Cuisine:Blue-Winged Teal

By Matthew Waguespack  Sportsman Outreach Coordinator The 2023 teal season is upon us in Sportsman’s Paradise, so let’s talk teal! How is teal season looking in Louisiana? Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries recently released information on how Louisiana’s ongoing drought … Continue reading

A Milestone for Sportsman’s Paradise

By Matthew WaguespackSportsman Outreach Coordinator Recently, our Sportsman’s Paradise made history by breaking ground on the single largest habitat restoration project in US history. The Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion will reconnect the Mississippi River with its wetlands and build up to … Continue reading

Going Coastally Crazy

Recreational fishing is a popular pastime in Louisiana, annually attracting thousands of tourists and locals. However, habitat degradation and loss of critical wetlands, estuaries and marshes is making it more challenging for recreational fishermen to catch two of our favorite … Continue reading

Birds of a Feather Rockefeller Together

By Matthew WaguespackSportsmen Outreach Coordinator After hearing some reports of waterfowl so thick they blocked the sun when taking flight, I knew I had to see Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge for myself. So I headed to Grand Chenier, Louisiana to meet … Continue reading

New Eyes on the Everglades

By Bill Cooksey,Senior Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator Last month, we celebrated a major milestone in Everglades restoration twenty years in the making. The Army Corps of Engineers broke ground on construction the Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir, a key Everglades restoration project … Continue reading

Opinion: An Ounce of Prevention Beats a Pound of Cure

By Wes Higgins, Guest Blogger Did you know that roughly one-third of America’s wildlife currently face an elevated risk of extinction? That nearly 40 percent of our freshwater fish are in trouble? That there are three billion fewer birds in … Continue reading


The Army Corps of Engineers recently broke ground on a key Everglades restoration project. Continue reading

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