A Duck Recipe Perfect for the Holidays

Looking for a great meal for holiday visitors? Try this delicious duck recipe with raspberries and wine.

Note from Bill Cooksey: The basic recipe came from Ira McCauley of MoMarsh. It's a very loose recipe. I change something every time, and it always comes out a winner to everyone who has ever eaten it. 

The quantity of each ingredient is approximate, and I suggest adjusting to taste. This recipe is perfect for experimentation. The only measurement I’m certain of is the berries, and that’s because I use two packs.

Seared Duck Breast

4 big duck breasts, skin on

 1 tbsp butter

 Salt and pepper to taste

Port Wine and Raspberry Reduction Sauce

1 cup port wine

 ½ cup beef broth

 12 oz fresh raspberries (blackberries are just as good)

 4 tbsp butter

 4 tbsp molasses

 1 tsp crushed red pepper


1. Combine sauce ingredients to suit your taste (I've never measured a thing).

2. Simmer on med-low heat for about an hour until sauce reduces and thickens. If it thickens too fast, add some port and broth.

3. When the sauce is almost finished, liberally salt and pepper duck breasts and sear at a high temperature in butter on a cast-iron skillet. Don’t cook past medium rare!!!

4. Once finished, spoon sauce over duck and serve with garlic bread and a vegetable of choice, like grilled asparagus.