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Birds of a Feather Rockefeller Together

Teal and geese take flight at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in southwest Louisiana.

New Eyes on the Everglades

The Army Corps of Engineers recently broke ground on a key Everglades restoration project.

Opinion: An Ounce of Prevention Beats a Pound of Cure.

Wes Higgins, a member of Vanishing Paradise Sporting Council, discusses how the proposed Recovering America’s Wildlife Act could benefit Sportsman's Paradise.

This Year's Teal Season Looks Promising

Blue-Winged teal numbers are through the roof for the 2022 hunting season!

Vanishing Paradise's Bill Cooksey is a Legend (of the Outdoors)

Bill Cooksey, Senior Sportsman Coordinator for Vanishing Paradise, was recently inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.

Creating Paradise at Davis Pond

Nearly a year after Hurricane Ida, the Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion provides answers for both coastal restoration and protection, as it both builds prime fish and wildlife habitat and mitigates storm damage in the Barataria Basin.

No Time to Waste

Bill Cooksey shares tales from his whirlwind trips this year on behalf of Vanishing Paradise.

Matt Waguespack Joins Vanishing Paradise

Introducing our new Sportsman Outreach Coordinator for Louisiana!

2022: A Big Year for Legislation Impacting Anglers

Legislation can be boring and complicated, but anglers and habitat in the Gulf do benefit from it. Here's what Congress has on tap for the rest of the year.

Restoring the New Orleans Landbridge Takes A Step Forward

A natural storm buffer that helps protect Greater New Orleans could disappear within our lifetimes. A new restoration project will help sustain the landbridge – enhancing habitat for fish, ducks and more than a hundred other species – while protecting roughly 1.5 million people.

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