Spotted Sea Trout (Speckled Trout)

The most sought-after species by in and near shore anglers, speckled trout have iridescent, dark gray or yellow to greenish sides with white bellies. They are often distinguished by their round dark spots on their back and tail.

  • Average size: The male also reaches max length at 19 inches, and the female may grow to 25 inches. Speckled trout may reach up to 15 pounds, but are most commonly harvested around 4 pounds.
  • Habitat: Speckled trout migrate throughout the year to spawn and feed. They are often found in still, deep water in the winter, and then move further into the saltier shallow waters of the Gulf in the spring and summer. They prefer brackish to saltwater estuaries, and are often found in sea grass beds, oyster reefs, and other shallow water habitats. Speckled trout are opportunistic feeders, preying on anything from small crustaceans like shrimp to small fish such as the mullet.
  • Limits: In Louisiana, an angler may take up to 25 a day with a minimum length of 12 inches.