Southern Flounder

This unique fish is a flat oval-shaped fish that spends its life traveling on the bottom of the estuary. The under belly of the fish is white, while the top is brown with light and dark spots. The flounder may change its appearance to match its habitat, making it nearly impossible to spot in a muddied bottom environment. Unlike most fish, both eyes of the flounder are found on its upright side.

  • Average size: Flounder may grow up to 3 feet long and weigh in as large as twenty pounds, but are normally harvested between the one to five pound weight ranges.
  • Habitat: The Southern Flounder is found inshore in shallow waters with grassy to muddy bottoms. Flounder feed on small shrimp as well as menhaden and small mullet.
  • Limits: An angler may take up to ten flounder a day, with no size regulations.