Projects: Marsh Restoration

Marsh restoration projects rehabilitate existing marsh or build marsh in shallow open waters areas. This project type can improve the quality of marsh habitat and build new marsh habitat. Marsh creation can be used in combination with sediment diversions to help trap sediment. In turn, sediment diversions can benefit marsh creation projects by providing a long-term source of sediment that can help lengthen their lifespans.

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Dantzler Coastal Preserve Restoration

  • State: Mississippi
  • Type: Marsh Restoration
  • Estuary: Mississippi Sound
  • Land Benefit: 900 acres

This project will restore a total of 900 acres (500 acres of estuarine marsh and 400 acres of longleaf pine savannah) within Dantzler Coastal Preserve, which is part of the state’s larger Pascagoula River Marsh Preserve. The Dantzler property suffered less direct wind and tidal surge damage than many of the other Coastal Preserves during Hurricane Katrina. However, serious long-term consequences are anticipated due to the distribution of Chinese tallow tree propagules across the site. The effort to regain control of Chinese tallow throughout the site and cleanup residual storm debris would be greatly aided by first conducting comprehensive prescribed burns. Restoring access that was lost due to storm downfall can be accomplished as part of the preparation for prescribed burning. There would be prescribed fires, 400 acres of invasive species control via spraying and cutting, 75 acres of reforestation and monitoring.

Fish and Waterfowl Benefits

The Pascagoula River Marsh Preserve consists of 11,500 acres that includes essentially all marsh associated with the mouth of the Pascagoula River. Tidal marsh serves as a nursery for recreationally and commercially important fisheries, filters water from rivers before the reach the Gulf, and function as buffers from coastal storms. Boaters and anglers also use the Pascagoula River Marsh area on occasional and seasonal basis for waterfowl hunting (sparingly) and fishing.

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Mid-Barataria Marsh Creation

  • State: Louisiana
  • Type: Marsh Restoration
  • Basin: Barataria Basin
  • Parish: Jefferson , Plaquemines , Lafourche
  • Land Benefit: 8,618 acres

This marsh creation project is in Mid-Barataria Bay in the vicinity of Lafitte. Historically, there was a limited hydrological connection between the fresher upper basin and the saltier lower basin. Canal networks, erosion and subsidence have eaten holes through natural barriers, exposing wetlands in the upper basin to saltwater intrusion and increased wave energy. Long identified as a critical landscape feature, this project will build on projects that are already in place or under construction to strengthen the Barataria Land-Bridge. Sediment conveyed from the river through a pipeline will be used to build new marsh, nourish existing marsh in the area, help restore historic salinities in the upper basin and help protect the nearby community of Lafitte from storm surge and tidal flooding.

Fish and Waterfowl Benefits

Restoration and renourishment of the Barataria Land-Bridge will help protect the 30,000 acre Salvador/Timken Wildlife Management Area and Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, located in the upper part of the Barataria Basin, from the devastating effects of saltwater intrusion and damage from storms. Both of these areas provide freshwater habitat to waterfowl, deer, bass, catfish and other species and recreational opportunities to sportsman.

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