Mid-Breton Sediment Diversion

This project will be located along the east bank of the river, near White Ditch, Louisiana. This sediment diversion will supply fresh water and sediment into deteriorating marshes of the Breton Sound Basin. The wetlands in the project’s influence area have disappeared due to changes in the supply and distribution of fresh water, sediment starvation, rapid subsidence, saltwater intrusion and storm events. This project will reconnect the wetlands in the mid-Breton Basin with the river, diverting sediment and fresh water to build new land and sustain existing marsh.

Fish and Waterfowl Benefits

This project will build, enhance, sustain and protect wetlands in the mid-Breton Basin. The project will also help restore and maintain the estuarine gradient (fresh water habitat in the upper basin to salt water closer to the Gulf) that is vital to the estuary’s fish, blue crabs, and waterfowl, other species and recreational fish species in the Gulf.