Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion

This sediment diversion project is located on the west bank of the river, near Myrtle Grove. The brackish and freshwater wetlands in the area are highly degraded due to saltwater intrusion, decreased fresh water supply, alterations to the natural flow of water in the area and a lack of sediment input. This project will reconnect the river to the Barataria Basin and divert sediment and fresh water to build new land, maintain existing marshes and increase habitat’s ability to persist in the face of rising sea levels and recover from storm events.

Fish and Waterfowl Benefits

By building new land and helping to sustain the existing wetlands, this project will restore and enhance critical habitat for fish, ducks and other wildlife in mid-Barataria Basin. This project will also help to sustain the Barataria Landbridge which protects freshwater habitat in the upper part of the basin that provide recreational opportunities for sportsman, including the 30,000 acre Salvador/Timken Wildlife Management Area and the 20,000 acre Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, from the saltwater intrusion and storms.