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Posted by National Wildlife Federation

Vanishing Paradise to Partner with SportingDog Adventures to Raise Awareness on Restoring Mississippi River Delta

Delavan (June 6th, 2014) SportingDog Adventures TV and Vanishing Paradise are pleased to announce they have formalized a partnership that will begin with the 4th season airing of the show in 2014.

“Conservation has always been a central theme on SportingDog Adventures,” says Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer. “The generational aspect of hunting is another theme we stress, but without everyone first making a commitment to preserving our country’s natural resources, there won’t be anything to pass on to those future generations.”

“We are very excited about this opportunity,” says Steve Bender, Director of the Vanishing Paradise program. “The restoration of the Mississippi River Delta matters to sportsmen and women across the country. The delta offers world-class salt and freshwater fishing and provides a home to 10 million waterfowl that use the Mississippi and Central flyways. Some of the best hunting and fishing in the world takes place right here, but we are facing a land loss crisis in the delta that puts those important habitats – and the wildlife that depend on them – at risk. Anyone who cares about healthy ecosystems should care about this issue. SportingDog offers us a national platform to appeal to a broad audience of outdoor enthusiasts.”

SportingDog Adventures will feature a “Conservation Tip” created by Vanishing Paradise each week during the upcoming season’s shows. Viewers will have a chance to learn about the degrading coastal wetlands in Louisiana, which are disappearing at the alarming rate of a football field an hour, but more importantly, viewers will learn what they can do to help. “You don’t have to be a sportsman to appreciate the beauty of the delta and to comprehend the necessity of taking action now to stop the land loss,” says Fuller. “We are proud to be a part of this call to action.”

The fourth season of SportingDog Adventures begins third quarter in 2014. We are proud to share our quality family programming on The Pursuit Channel, airing on Tuesdays at 9:00 am, Wednesday at 11:30 pm, and Saturday at 9:30 pm, as well Tuff TV on Saturday at 10:30 am. We will also be featured on both The Walk Christian network and Wild TV Canada, times pending. The Soggy Acres Retrievers now entertain in two countries and 129 million households!

Don’t forget to Tweet your reactions to the show @sportingdogtv using #SDATV. Go to our show website for more information.

Jeff Fuller began in the sporting dog industry in 1998, when he was given “Lily,” a chocolate female lab, as a gift. Since then, Soggy Acres Retrievers Kennels has grown to producing some of the nation’s top chocolate, black, and yellow retrievers with excellent lineage, many of which have gone on to Senior and Master hunt titles. More information on Jeff’s kennels is available at To learn more about SportingDog Adventures check out our website at and “Like” us on Facebook

View trailer for upcoming season:

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