Shimano American Corporation Signs on to Vanishing Paradise's Letter to Congress

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Posted by National Wildlife Federation

Shimano American Corporation, a world leader in fishing tackle design and manufacturing, and its G.Loomis Rods and PowerPro operations today added its name to a growing list of hunting and fishing business and organizations to sign a letter urging the federal government to support the restoration of the Mississippi River Delta. The letter is authored by Vanishing Paradise, a national coalition organized by the National Wildlife Federation and the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. Vanishing Paradise has been canvassing the country for the last three years, soliciting support from sportsmen and women for the restoration of the coastal marshes, barrier islands and other habitats of the Mississippi River Delta.

“Sustainable recreational use by anglers of our natural resources relies on healthy fisheries and the habitat which supports them,” said Phil Morlock, director of environmental affairs for Shimano’s operations in the both the U.S. and Canada. “We are pleased to be able to support our friends in Louisiana through this effort.”

By joining this restoration effort, Shimano joins organizations like B.A.S.S. Inc, the Coastal Conservation Association and the American Sportfishing Association, manufacturers like Mercury Marine, Lund Boats, Legend Boats, Pure Fishing, Pradco, Avery, Primos, Orvis, Yeti Coolers and professional anglers Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam and Greg Hackney in signing the letter. More than 750 businesses and organizations, including a host of local tackle shops and charter fishermen and guides have signed the letter and pledged their support to the Vanishing Paradise campaign.

Vanishing Paradise has spearheaded an effort among sportsmen to pass the RESTORE Act , legislation recently passed by the Senate that directs 80 percent of Clean Water Act penalties for the 2010 Gulf oil spill back to the Gulf Coast for ecosystem and economic recovery.

“Having Shimano, a household name in the fishing industry, sign this letter shows how much appreciation and understanding there is in the fishing and hunting community for Louisiana’s vital and productive—but rapidly vanishing—coastal habitats,” said Land Tawney, National Wildlife Federation’s senior manager for sportsmen leadership. “We are making significant strides in helping the federal and local governments advance legislation that will help restore these incredible resources. We couldn’t do that without the help of companies like Shimano and the other great supporters who have signed our letter to Congress. Sportsmen have always been the conservation leaders in this country and now, they are leading the fight to restore the Mississippi River Delta.”

The wetlands of the Mississippi River Delta serve as the nursery grounds for fish that populate the entire Gulf of Mexico and are one of the most important wintering grounds in the nation for waterfowl and other migrating birds. However, more than 1,900 square miles of that vital habitat has vanished from Louisiana’s coastal marshes in the last 80 years, a direct result of levees built along the Mississippi River Delta that have isolated the sediment and fresh water that once built and replenished the rich coastal marshes, swamps and barrier islands. Adding to the habitat loss are thousands of miles of man-made waterways that have cut through coastal wetlands and allowed saltwater to intrude deep into brackish and freshwater marshes and swamps far inland of the Gulf of Mexico.

“Louisiana has long been known as ‘Sportsman’s Paradise,’ but that paradise is vanishing before our eyes. Our coastline will continue to disappear unless significant resources are invested on both the national and state level to restore and protect these vital habitats,” said Chris Macaluso, Louisiana Wildlife Federation coastal outreach coordinator. “With the help of Shimano and all of the businesses and organizations signing this letter, we can show political leaders and sportsmen from across the country that Louisiana’s coast is too important for our fish and wildlife and coastal communities to continue to watch it wash away.”


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