Capn. Ryan Lambert

Captain Ryan Lambert, President of Cajun Fishing Adventures, Inc., is a successful entrepreneur in southeast Louisiana and a professional angler for more than 31 years. Launched in 1994, Cajun Fishing Adventures, Inc. has a renowned reputation in the sports fishing and hunting industry which have led to hosting large corporate events for ESPN, southeast Louisiana fishing tournaments and annual area events. Ryan has been featured in sports shows with Outdoor Channel, Verses, ESPN, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Garden and Gun, Louisiana Sportsman Magazines, and local media shows in radio and TV in the greater New Orleans area. Captain Lambert has been an active spokesperson for coastal restoration as a contributor to the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan Framework Development Team. In addition, he is the current Vice‐President of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association, an organization that seeks to protect and promote the development and preservation of the fishing guide industry in Louisiana. As a LCBA member, Captain Lambert has spoken to congressional leaders in Washington DC on Louisiana’s coastal environmental issues. His business experience brings qualitative value to federal, state, and local agencies on restoration projects and the preservation of Louisiana wetlands.