Bay Denesse Welcomes Ducks for Fall

The Bay Denesse Delta Water Management Project is on a roll! The terracing project that built and enhanced 2,500 acres of marsh habitat in Plaquemines Parish is definitely serving its purpose this fall – check out this photo and video from this week of all the activity.

This new habitat is the result of two years of planning, design and construction – a joint effort between Vanishing Paradise, Ducks Unlimited, North American Wetlands Conservation Council and Louisiana’s Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority.
This project reconnected the Mississippi River to its nearby wetlands, using a crevasse to convey fresh water and sediment to a nearby shallow bay. As layers of sediment deposited and vegetation began to take root, new land materialized.

Every year, coastal Louisiana provides winter or stopover habitat for up to 70% of the migratory waterfowl that use the Central and Mississippi Flyways – that’s tens of millions of our nation’s ducks and geese that love to use Sportsman’s Paradise for its warmer temperatures.

And with fresh new marsh like this in Bay Denesse…who can blame them? View the action on video!