Crappie (Sac a Lait)

Officially declared Louisiana’s state freshwater fish, the sac a lait comes in two varieties: white and black. Both species exist together and are commonly caught in the same place. Black crappie are darker in color with black spots scattered randomly across the sides of the fish. In white crappie, the black spots are more arranged in vertical stripes or bars on the sides of the body. Both species prey on small insects, river shrimp, minnows, and other small fish.

  • Average size: Most crappie range from a half of pound to one pound.
  • Habitat: White crappie prefer moving water and are often found in more turbid muddier places than the black crappie. The black crappie often prefers clear, still swamp waters. Both species will be found taking cover in logs and old tree stumps.