Gulf Oil Spill Case: BP Needs to Be Held Accountable

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Posted by National Wildlife Federation

BP is facing tens of billions of dollars in penalties as the U.S. Department of Justice and the British oil giant get ready to start trial Monday over civil charges stemming from the 2010 Gulf oil spill. However, a recent report in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the Department of Justice may be considering proposing a settlement. Vanishing Paradise has released the following statement about the trial and any possible settlement:

Land Tawney, senior management for sportsmen leadership with National Wildlife Federation, said:

“The Mississippi River Delta is one of our national treasures and is of great importance to America’s sportsmen and women. But the oil spill tarnished hundreds of miles of coastline and marred marshes important to fresh and saltwater fishing and waterfowling. Our Gulf of Mexico is not only a huge economic driver for our country; it is a place where our wildlife live, where we get the food we eat and where our families recreate enjoying the outdoors.

“A potential settlement as low as the reported $16 billion is unlikely to be enough to fully restore the Gulf of Mexico as the law requires. We must ensure that the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River Delta are restored so future generations can enjoy an area that provides wintering ground to 10 million of our nation’s ducks and geese each year and fishing opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world. Such an important part of our nation’s hunting and fishing heritage is worthy of comprehensive restoration and deserves a fair outcome from the damage done during the spill.

“In Louisiana alone, outdoor recreation generates $15.1 billion in consumer spending, another $4.6 billion in salaries and $1.1 billion in state and federal taxes. Outdoor activity also provides 146,000 jobs in Louisiana. Hunting and fishing play a huge role in that economic activity—activity that was put at risk by the oil spill and must be considered in any final resolution to this case.”

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