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Gulf anglers may target Black, Gag, Red, Warsaw and Scamp Grouper. The most common catch is the Gag Grouper. The Gag Grouper is a dark brown fish, with pattern marking that resemble “kiss-like” shapes.


Wahoo are prized sport fish due to their taste, speed (swimming up to 60 mph!), and the fight they put up. The body of the Wahoo is a blue green color, and very streamlined which makes them great fast swimmers.

Cobia (Lemonfish)

Cobia have dark brown bodies with white bellies, and when viewed from above or in the water, often resemble a shark due to their finlets.

Mahi Mahi (Dolphin)

The mahi mahi is perhaps one of the most colorful and unique species that Gulf anglers target. The azure blue and emerald bodies of the fish quickly fade after their harvest. They are one of the fastest growers in the … Continue reading


There are many types of tuna anglers target along the Gulf — Bluefin, Blackfin, Bigeye and the most popular, Yellowfin.  This cold-blooded delicacy is one of the fastest swimmers in the Gulf. The yellowfin tuna has a metallic, deep-blue back … Continue reading


There are many types of snapper anglers target along the Gulf — Lane, Mutton, Vermillion, Mangrove and the most popular, the Red Snapper.  A popular target due to its excellent texture and flavor, the red snapper is highly regulated.