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Southern Flounder

This unique fish is a flat oval-shaped fish that spends its life traveling on the bottom of the estuary. The under belly of the fish is white, while the top is brown with light and dark spots. The flounder may … Continue reading

Spotted Sea Trout (Speckled Trout)

The most sought-after species by in and near shore anglers, speckled trout have iridescent, dark gray or yellow to greenish sides with white bellies. They are often distinguished by their round dark spots on their back and tail.


Ranging from greenish gray to dark silver with seven vertical stripes on its side, the sheepshead is commonly mistaken for the black drum. But on second looks, the sheepshead is easily distinguishable by its human-like teeth — including incisors and … Continue reading

Black Drum

A close cousin to the redfish, the black drum is often harvested recreationally for its exceptional taste. It ranges in color from silver in the deep Gulf waters to a dark black in shallower muddy estuaries. The fish is recognized … Continue reading

Redfish (Red Drum, Bull Red)

A widely sought-after recreational fish, the redfish can vary from an iridescent coppery black to a reddish copper tone. It is most identifiable by the black spot located near the tail fin.