The latest news, updates and events from our campaign to protect and restore the Mississippi River Delta.

Explore the issues surrounding coastal restoration and sportsmen and women in Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast through our videos.

ICAST 2012 – America’s Sportfishing Industry Supports Restoring the Delta

Vanishing Paradise recently went to ICAST 2012 in Orlando, Florida to talk to pros Mike Iaconelli and Greg Watts and other industry leaders about restoring the Mississippi River Delta.

Late Summer Fishing in Delacroix, La.

Fishing for bass and redfish in Lake Lery, Delacroix, Louisiana in August 2012 with Chris Macaluso of Vanishing Paradise.

Redfish in Lake Borgne with the Vanishing Paradise team

Chris Hunt of Trout Unlimited and John Gale from National Wildlife Federation join Vanishing Paradise's Chris Macaluso for early December Redfish action in the Biloxi Marsh, Louisiana

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