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Restoration and Rebirth: Fishing in the MRGO

The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (M.R.G.O.) is a popular fishing destination in south Louisiana. Recently, we took a tour with Bayou Wild TV to discuss the history and need for restoration.

Louisiana Legislators Gather for the Coast

Vanishing Paradise and partners host members of the Louisiana delegation of the Congressional Sporting Caucus.

A Duck Recipe Perfect for the Holidays

Looking for a great meal for holiday visitors? Try this delicious duck recipe with raspberries and wine.

Why Not on Black-bellies?

Looking at why we can’t shoot black-bellies during teal season.

New Report Helps Hunters and Anglers Advocate and Adapt to Climate Change

It isn’t a matter of if, but when, climate change will find our favorite spots and change our sporting lives.

In the Field: Chandeleur Sound Living Shoreline

A local Louisiana project pairs education with coastal restoration.

New Habitat Update: Bay Denesse Welcomes Ducks for Fall!

Check out this week's activity in Bay Denesse!

We're Back: VP Hits the Road

The Vanishing Paradise team is still here, and there’s work to be done.

Cranking and Chattering for Redfish

The conservation values of restoring the Louisiana coast are as critical now as they ever were.

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