The latest news, updates and events from our campaign to protect and restore the Mississippi River Delta.

La CPRA Hosts Public Meetings on Draft Coastal Plan

CPRA is hosting meetings this month along the coast to discuss projects in the draft and receive feedback.

Louisiana Fishing

Recreational fishing is big business in Louisiana, generating more than $3 billion in economic impact every year. In some places in the state, it is possible to set out from one dock and catch everything from largemouth bass to yellowfin tuna.


Louisiana Hunting

Louisiana is called Sportsman's Paradise for a reason. The diversity of habitats provide homes for an abundance of migratory and year-round wildlife supporting a robust wildlife tourism industry that attracts sportsmen and women from across the nation.


The Mississippi River Delta

The wetlands, estuaries, and barrier islands of the Mississippi River Delta provide habitat for migratory birds, waterfowl, economically important finfish and shellfish, and more. However, the delta is experiencing the highest rate of wetland loss in the United States--losing a football field of marsh every hour.


U.S. Senate Coastal Issues Forum in Baton Rouge

This week you can learn firsthand how our next senator plans to deal with challenges and opportunities related to coastal restoration. Our friends, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, is hosting a US Senate Coastal Issues Forum in Baton Rouge.

Abundant Opportunities to Comment on Restoration This Fall

Now is an important time to show your support for strong restoration plans, based on the best science, which will do the most good for the Gulf and our Louisiana coast. Check out the calendar below for upcoming public meetings.

Industry Strength, Everglades Crisis

This summer, 15,000 people—from exhibitors to buyers to outdoor media—converged in Orlando for the 59th International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST. 

Conservation on Tap this Week in New Orleans

Please join us this week for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and door prizes to learn about the importance of coastal restoration, and how we can protect the future of our sportsman heritage. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member who is also an avid sportsman and is passionate about the restoration of our sportsman heritage.

Now Hiring: Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator

The National Wildlife Federation is seeking a Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator to join our Vanishing Paradise team. 

Bay Denesse

The Bay Denesse Delta Water Management Project could restore approximately 2,550 acres of less productive open water to a diverse array of highly productive habitat types, including emergent marsh, rooted floating vegetation mats, mud flats and more.

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