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Matt Waguespack Joins Vanishing Paradise

Introducing our new Sportsman Outreach Coordinator for Louisiana!

2022: A Big Year for Legislation Impacting Anglers

Legislation can be boring and complicated, but anglers and habitat in the Gulf do benefit from it. Here's what Congress has on tap for the rest of the year.

Restoring the New Orleans Landbridge Takes A Step Forward

A natural storm buffer that helps protect Greater New Orleans could disappear within our lifetimes. A new restoration project will help sustain the landbridge – enhancing habitat for fish, ducks and more than a hundred other species – while protecting roughly 1.5 million people.

In Defense of Youth Hunts

There’s something special about the hunt being 100% about the child.

Turkey Population Decline is Real

Most biologists believe the turkey population has dropped again by at least a million, but why?

Now Hiring

Join the Vanishing Paradise team in Louisiana!

Restoration and Rebirth: Fishing in the MRGO

The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (M.R.G.O.) is a popular fishing destination in south Louisiana. Recently, we took a tour with Bayou Wild TV to discuss the history and need for restoration.

Louisiana Legislators Gather for the Coast

Vanishing Paradise and partners host members of the Louisiana delegation of the Congressional Sporting Caucus.

A Duck Recipe Perfect for the Holidays

Looking for a great meal for holiday visitors? Try this delicious duck recipe with raspberries and wine.

Why Not on Black-bellies?

Looking at why we can’t shoot black-bellies during teal season.

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