Louisiana's Coast Is Worth Restoring

Thank you to everyone who provided comments on the draft version of Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan—please take the next step to help get it passed by the Legislature.

Posted on May 23, 2017
By Erin Brown, Vanishing Paradise Sportsman's Outreach Coordinator

Admittedly, it's hard sometimes to get up early, but there is nothing more amazing than Louisiana's coastal marshes at sunrise. The intense colors on the horizon keep me returning in hopes of snagging one of the bullreds that makes the Mississippi River Delta a dream come true.

Like many of you, my family has been hunting and fishing on the coast for generations – but this Sportsman's Paradise is in jeopardy. Louisiana’s coastline is disappearing at a rate of one football field every hour! The 2017 Coastal Master Plan is Louisiana's blueprint to restore vital wetlands and protect communities along the coast. 

The Coastal Master Plan is revised every five years to incorporate the best available science in order to protect and restore the changing coast. After months of public input by individuals like you, the plan was approved by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board. The plan must now be passed by the Louisiana Legislature before it can be implemented. 

We must take bold action now to protect our outdoor heritage. It's important and powerful for representatives to hear from constituents like you. 

Please show your appreciation for Louisiana's coast by letting your state legislators know that you support the Coastal Master Plan. Without action, Louisiana could lose 2,250 square miles of land over the next 50 years, putting important wildlife habitat and communities—an entire way of life—at risk. 

Send your letter today by clicking here.