The National Wildlife Federation is proud to work with a broad spectrum of partners to achieve our mission. From event sponsorship to strategic partnerships, the Vanishing Paradise program finds unique opportunities to work with corporations to share our message with larger audiences. 

For ten years, we have worked with businesses, organizations and individuals nationwide to restore the Mississippi River Delta, and since the 2010 Gulf oil spill, we have expanded our advocacy to help restore other critical habitats along the Gulf Coast. 

Platinum Sponsors

Wiley X, Inc., a world leader in the research, development and marketing of protective eyewear and gloves for military, law enforcement, sport hunting and shooting, fishing and various extreme sports is teaming with the National Wildlife Federation’s Vanishing Paradise program to save coastal Louisiana’s wetlands. “It is natural for us to support this Sportsman’s Paradise to ensure today’s anglers and future generations have the same opportunities we’ve had to fish these special waters.”  (Press Release)

Friends of Vanishing Paradise


Attrax Baits

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